How to negotiate and drop the apartment rent in Arizona

Paying rent is one of the most important days in a month. Considering the real estate prices nowadays, this is probably the biggest expense in your monthly budget. Compared to other costs, like utilities and groceries which you can cut back, rent price usually stays the same, or your landlord decides to increase it. There are a few simple ways which can help you reduce and negotiate apartment rent and few simple steps. For cheapest flats click here


Many landlords love people who are responsible and who pay rent on time. In some cases, they are ready to cut back the costs juts to make you keep the apartment. The hardest thing is to collect the rent, chase late payments and get you to cover the bills. So, in this case, you should explain your situation to a landlord and try to negotiate a lower rate. Remember to be confident and to hold your ground. Point out a stress your landlord will avoid looking for another tenant. If in the and you aren’t able to break the rent, at least ask for something free, for example, free cable for a couple of months.

Pay in advance

You can always make an agreement with your landlord for some discount if you pay in advance. Maybe you can get 5% – 10% off. You can also propose a bi – weekly plan of payment, which will significantly improve your budgeting. You will avoid giving larger sums of money up front. Many landlords will widely welcome each of these possibilities; you just need to suggest them.

Reduce your rent by helping

Property managers tend to be busy all the time, and they can’t talk to every tenant and supervise everything. In this case, why not to ask the property manager if he needs some help. You don’t manage to lower your rent using previous tips; you can try this one. But doing some chores around the apartment complex, you can earn a sweet reduction. Those are usually some simple tasks, such as mowing the yards or shoveling the snow. For your personal security, you shouldn’t do any repairs if you aren’t too skilled with them. Otherwise, you will be held responsible if something bad happens. Furthermore, maybe you have some set of skills that your landlord will value.

Think about company

Having a roommate doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially if you split the rent. The company will give an opportunity to save on the rent. To avoid any further problems, you just need to set rules in advance, and everything should work fine. If you are ready to give up your personal space, many tenants in Arizona are looking for roommates.

Try to reduce other expenses

If any of previous tips don’t work, try reducing other costs, such as utilities and grocery expenses. It all depends on your and how much money you are willing to save. The best way to buy on discounts and sales.