explains how to steam clean your carpets

When the long summer days are done and the kids have stopped walking all over the carpets with their shoes, it’s time to prepare for the long winter and clean all the carpets in your house. The carpets that usually have tons of grime and ground in the dirt might require that you steam clean them so that they are safe for your day-to-day lives. The fact of the matter is that people can do two things in this situation of which one is to do it yourself and the other one is to call the professionals to do it for you.  We at will help you with this dilemma.

What is carpet steaming

Before you decide which method, you will go for, the professional route or do it yourself, we will try and explain what steaming your carpet means. In the summer, the dust particles travel a lot more and transfer from one place to another much faster and in much bigger volume than during the winter. In this time, most carpets get extremely dirty and dry.

To clean a carpet in this period you might want to do a steam clean or in other words a shampooing of the carpet. Once you clean the carpet using the shampooing method you will never think of any other method being good enough as compared to the shampooing. This method uses a hot air pressure machine that sprinkles water on the carpet and vacuums it at the same time, but it also injects a chemical that is specifically used for deep cleaning carpets.

This chemical can be made from various different components, but the steam cleaning is universal to all machines that do this type of cleaning.

What’s the difference?

When it comes to two distinct differences between cleaning the carpet yourself and hiring the professionals, it’s the dedication to the job and the chemicals that are used. Professionals use better chemicals than you can get in your local cleaning shop and they don’t accept anything below perfect when the job needs to finish in perfection.

How to steam clean your carpet

The first thing you have to do before you steam clean the carpet is prepare the area. Remove all the toys and items from the carpet and move the furniture to another area. Second, you need to vacuum the carpet as even though the steam cleaning machine will remove almost all the dirt and even disinfect the carpet, by vacuuming you will make sure to remove all of the problems and the dirt from the carpet.

The second thing you can do is try to treat some small stains before you start steam cleaning. There are tons of stains and tons of methods how you can deal with them and especially if they are colored stains they should be dealt with before you steam clean your carpet.

Once all the preparation is done you can start shampooing the carpet and make sure to do it from top to bottom and double pass the same area. Once the carpet has been cleaned make sure to vent the carpet or the area at least a day, or use blowers to dry them off.